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'''Toronto Public Library''' ('''TPL''') () is a public library system in Toronto, Ontario. It is the largest public library system in Canada and in 2008, had averaged a higher circulation per capita than any other public library system internationally, making it the largest neighbourhood-based library system in the world. Within North America, it also had the highest circulation and visitors when compared to other large urban systems. Established as the library of the Toronto Mechanics' Institute|Mechanics' Institute in 1830, the Toronto Public Library now consists of 100 branch libraries and has over 12 million items in its collection.
Library nameToronto Public Library
Library logoFile:Toronto Public Library logo.svg|250px
LocationToronto, Ontario
Num branches100
Collection size11 million (2013)
Annual circulation32,032,036 (2012){{cite web|url=|title=2012 Annual Performance Measures | publisher = Toronto Public Library | date=2013-02-08 | accessdate = 2014-02-17}}
Pop served2,615,060 (2012) {{cite web|url= | title=(Code 3520) Census Profile. 2011 census. | publisher = Statistics Canada| date=2012-02-08 | accessdate = 2012-04-17}}
Members| budget = $188,748,470 (2015)
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